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Abraham Rozenbaum is a film Director, Screenwriter, and Editor from Caracas, Venezuela, based in New York City.

He has a Master in Professional Studies in Film Directing from the
School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts

in Film & Video from SVA as well.

He received two grant awards from the  School Of Visual Arts'
Dusty Festival Grant Fund Awards for his thesis film "Ayuda".

He has worked in different film productions, short films, limited series, music videos, promotional videos, advertising, and corporate videos.

His latest short film "Ojos Que No Ven" has won many awards including "Best Comedy", and "Best Romantic Comedy".

His films have been recognized and featured in

film festivals around the globe.

F i L M m a k e r ,
Director, w r i t e r  &  E d i t o r

"Solamente a través de la preparación

y el trabajo es que se puede progresar."

Renny Ottolina

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