Short Films

Ojos Que No Ven
Short Film - Comedy in Spanglish
Dealing with the high insecurity situation lived in Venezuela, a couple with a little girl has to decide if they will risk bringing a stranger asking for help to their home.
The Trial
Inspired in true events. Going back to the past to visualize the man whose mind we would never understand.
Temptation is something every person can feel. Can even faithful men fall into Sin?
A quiet girl moves in with her new girlfriend and instantly faces a dilemma from the wrath of a domineering mother.
Change - שינוי
Short short poetic visual piece of African American history through the words of J. Ivy.
Haruka - ハルカ
A reflection on life, existence, and human behavior by a quiet, but sincere girl named Haruka Otomo. The short is in Japanese with English subtitles.
Mi Vida
My first short film. This film is a drama based on the situation happening in my country Venezuela. I created it with the intention to let the international community know and understand what is happening in my home.
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