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Thriller Drama - 2017

Directed and Screenplay by Abraham Rozenbaum

Inspired by true events, a family from Caracas, deemed one of most insecure cities from the world, has their routine altered when a man screams for help outside their home at night.
The mother, being skeptic, asks her husband to not let the man in. At the same time the father, who is a doctor, has to choose if to listen to his wife or follow his ethics and put his family in potential danger.



Official Selection:


  • Pre-Selected - New York State Film Festival - 2018 - New York

  • Semi-Finalist - Courage Film Festival - 2018 - Germany

  • Semi-Finalist - Meraki Film Festival - 2018 -Spain

  • Semi-Finalist - German United Film Festival - 2018 - Germany

  • Semi-Finalist - International Star Hong Kong Film Festival - 2017 - Hong Kong

Ayuda - Teaser

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